Friday, June 19

To new beginnings

I am officially done with second year! I'm so glad its over cause it's been hard. Not necessarily with classes or assignments but just dealing with general assholes - this has really stressed me out. But anyways, I'm looking forward to moving into the new place with the boyf, Nath and Winterburn soon. Yay for that cause I can't wait for the trip to ikea! I handed in my very last report two days ago and I basically decided to pack away all my books and stationeries as some form of closure. Does anyone else do that?

Well I also wanted to show you guys one of the many things I've created during my time in placement with I sourced for images on Tumblr/Flickr and was part of the daily inspirations/mood boards I came up with :) I'd love to hear what you guys think about my digital work! Please leave a comment below.

I'm basically spending the whole day in bed today because I just feel really anxious and frustrated but I can't quite put my finger on what so.. I've just watched 4 episodes of MTV catfish and played for what seems like forever.

Oh well, I'm embracing the sloth life!

Wednesday, June 10


Asos bodysuit
Cath Kidson iPhone case
Skirt from Japan
Nike trainers

Thursday, June 4

Reading trip!

Since getting back from Reading last weekend, I've been insanely busy with my placement. So long story short, it was an amazing trip. We both spent a lot of time with his family and we managed a day out in London, even meeting up with Max. I took lots of picture so here it is!

What started out as perfect weather..
.. became shit.
(I had to visit Chinatown seeing how I've never been)

Went to Windsor Castle on Sunday with the boyf and his family. It was enormous and hauntingly beautiful but because of the long ass queue, we didn't go for the tour.
And yeah, I totally utilised my fisheye lens whenever I can. It's the best thing ever for my short arms/getting everyone in the picture. Tbh, I'm hastily writing this post because all I can think about is food right now so apologies everyone :P

I'm halfway through my placement now and so far, it's been so much fun but so, so tiring cause I have to commute on the train every day. But yeah, everything is good. Stay tuned