Sunday, May 31

Spaces spaces

As someone who spends 80% of her time on her Mac, I thought I'd show you guys my space. Besides my bed, this is where I spend most of my time at. I mean.. I work here, I blog here, I sometimes even eat here. This is the definite Annick zone. I try to make it as homely as possible but being in a student house (and on a budget) and all.. it is not easy.
My favorite thing about my space is probably all the pictures I have on the wall (there's a lot more pictures that isn't pictured in this picture. LOL that was a mouthful)

Okay, I'll be honest that this seem like a really random post but this is actually inspired from WeWork. WeWork is a really interesting concept.. they are a coworking company that provides shared offices spaces! Oh if you want to know about WeWorks' available locations, visit their page. C'mon now, tell me that isn't cool. Its different = it's cool. Right?!

Anyways, what they do is that they offer really unique office spaces. If you're just really curious on how everything works, here's their FAQ page - cause it would be confusing if I tried to explain. WeWork is definitely one of its kind and I am amazed at how cool their interior looks (besides being amazed at the idea of co-sharing an office space).

In my opinion I think this is such a great alternative especially for small/growing companies. Honestly, I am so loving this idea that if you're a company of one, you could still go ahead with getting yourself a mega cool office space/desk. So. Freaking. Cool. For instance, if you're self employed and really wants to just separate work from home, *bam* there's WeWork offering this service. 

So yeah, I wish my little space was as cool as that. Perhaps I aspire to rent a little space of mine one day and do my own thang haha.

Tuesday, May 19


Ate at Steak & Lobster in Manchester with the boyf last weekend. The food is unbelievable and so is the service. I mean, the steak or the lobster cost £18 each with unlimited fries and salad. Ah OMG I want it again.

Oh, on another note.. I started on a 30 day fitness challenge from and I'm currently on day 5 today. My abs are showing and I can feel my core getting stronger by the day. && me and the boyf are going to Reading/London this Friday cause its the bank holiday weekend! We get to eat good food, hangout with his family and see Max again yay.

And I'm also obsessed with the new set of lens that I got for £8 on Amazon. Here's a picture of me with the boyf being all cutesy. Next time I write, it'll be all about Reading x

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Thursday, May 14

Spring/Summer inspo

Anyone else enjoying the fact that I have been posting so much so far? I know I am.

Monday, May 11

17 monthniversary

I love Manchester to bits so me and the boyf went on a little food spree last Saturday. The occasion? It was our 17 monthniversary on the 7th! I can't believe that we've been together for so long.. I mean, he annoys the shit outta me. How on earth have I tolerated his nuisance for so long? *smiley face* But I suppose he could say the same about me too.. anyways, be prepared for some pictures of amazing food!

First up, we had Mexican food at Las Iguanas. I ordered the chicken quesadillas, bbq chicken wings (not pictured as I devoured everything and it was too late for a pretty pic) and half a chicken in honey sauce with curly fries! While the boyf ordered fish tacos and some burger (both not pictured as he refused to let me take pictures of it - he was really hungry). For dessert, the boyf ordered orange chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

I ate about 95% of what I ordered so I was really proud of my food baby afterwards haha! He then trailed along hopelessly as I went on a quest to get some lip liners. Really wanted to get the £1 lip liners from Primark because reviews has been amazing AND it's only £1 but unfortunately the nude color I wanted was sold out and I was not prepared to queue 20mins to buy one item. So I purchased the Maybelline ones in Boots.

We then went to Teacup Kitchen in Northern Quarter for cake. Pictured below: him looking grumpy af. It was the lemon drizzle cake for me and red velvet cake for him plus root beer float for both of us!

Before we headed back, I bought some pretty darn good Chinese food from the square for only £5 as they were finishing up for the day. And that's the end of my food spree from last Saturday! x

Oh and to those who actually went and dropped me comments on Instagram.. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Saturday, May 9

High street / Online store

Okay so I shop quite a bit. So right now, I've got a question for everyone: What are the differences between high street and online shopping?

The answer? The way we shop has dramatically changed during the last few years. The reason? The internet. Consumers have more choice than ever before when it comes to finding their favourite products, with online shopping offering a number of advantages over the conventional high street, including door-to-door delivery and a chance to pay for your order in small, affordable instalments. This article compares high street vs online shopping.

When it comes to delivery and choice: 

Online shopping offers a lot more choice than some high street retailers, with catalogue companies like Jacamo and Fashion World offering clothing sizes that you won't find from conventional retailers. Shopping online also provides you with an opportunity to have your order delivered to your address - ideal if you live far away from your nearest retailer, or are unable to carry large items home with you. Many online retailers offer various shipping options, including regular delivery, express delivery, and next-day delivery if you need a particular item in a hurry.

And the thing with.. trying before you buy:

Unlike conventional high street shops, you won't be able to try items before you buy when shopping online, which can sometimes be a problem if you are purchasing clothing. However, many online retailers provide size guides and other useful information that will tell you all you need to know before you place an order. Although online companies have different refund policies, many will allow you to return an item if you are not completely satisfied with it - just like you would at a conventional retailer. Remember to check the terms and conditions on the company's website before you make a purchase.

The difference in promotions and offers:

Many people are aware that the larger retailers in the UK often have sales and discounts throughout the year, particularly after the Christmas period. However, many online retailers also provide customers with discounts and promotions. Using a promotional discount code and applying it your purchase can also save you money.


Hope you guys learned a thing or two from this. Peace out x

Wednesday, May 6

Need an anchor

Not sure if you guys have noticed but I took some time off from blogging to rest. Lately, my head has been a mess and I just don't feel like I am in the right place. I have come to a conclusion that I have become a much private person than I was a few years ago. Which would probably explain my sudden loss of motivation in blogging and social networking. I mean, I used to love telling people what I did or where I went but I think being by myself all the time have made me want to keep certain things to myself so I could treasure it (plus I hate it when people ask me about things that they see from me online).

It also doesn't help that I am super stressed out all the time from being a university student. I mean.. okay. I'll be honest. I've been having panic attacks and I'm pretty damn sure I've developed some form of anxiety. My head is clouded and cluttered enough.

The past weekend though.. I've let loose. Max was here and I loved spending time with him. But I think I can't ever let myself go so far anymore. I have a lot on my mind. A LOT. Putting those thoughts aside just makes me feel like crap afterwards (like I am now). What I think I need to do, is to reorganise myself and my priorities.

I am most active on Instagram @ annicknickky (confession: I check it every hour or so). I would really appreciate it if you guys could follow me there and keep me sane. Oh and plus, I follow loads of people there too so if you drop me a comment.. I'll follow ya feed :)

Also doing my best to reply all the comments from previous posts prior to today! Thank you for being patient with me you guys x


Bodysuit & skirt from ASOS.