Friday, March 27

Pixum / Little bird

 My long awaited holiday is finally here! I can't begin to tell you guys how much I've looked forward to today.. I can finally relax and not have to worry about assignments for a little while. I can finally breathe a little. I don't even want to plan ahead for activities or anything for now, all I want to do is to be able to sit down and blank out. Yay to 3 weeks of doing nothing!!


Well now that my break has started.. I can finally talk about Pixum! I was recently (okay maybe about a month ago) approached by them to try out a few of their products. And my family has been loving the products so darn much.

Okay, so what's Pixum all about?
They're one of the leading Online-photo service-provider in Europe. At Pixum you can create & order photo items such as classic photo prints, photo books or photo calendars and a lot more products.

Personally I chose to try out their photo book, photo magnets and got a couple of posters printed out!
 My mom sent me those super cute Ghibli fridge magnets and they just go so well together ♥ I chose to print a few pictures of me and the boyf along with my girlies! Bear in mind that these pictures are taken only with the iPhone 5 then.. it's greatly enhanced with Pixum's automatic picture optimisation :D
 And for the photo book.. I mean, I just HAD to make one filled with the little twins. I know the front title is a bit cheesy but I do love them to the moon and back   This photo book is so loved by my family that they're asking me to make another one of the little twins.

Pixum's photo book software is insanely easy to use. All I had to do was upload, drag and drop to whichever page I wanted it to be on. But of course, I did all my little tweaks on Photoshop beforehand. I can't show you much of the content because I do not want the little twins pictures to be everywhere but here's one of them looking super cute!
I am incredibly satisfied with the amazing photo quality that they've delivered and I am definitely getting another photo book printed out (as requested by the fam).

If you guys would like to try out the Pixum Photo Book, they've got an app for it!
Or you could here to try it out on desktop/mac :)

Also, thank you to Pixum for allowing me to enjoy the products before I had to write this. You guys are the best!

Here's a typical #mirrorselfie feat some sunshine x

Saturday, March 14

@ The Anchor, Moss Lane East

Here's the video that I made for my multimedia project! Would love to hear everyone's comments/opinion :D

Wednesday, March 11

Purple combo / Thoughts

Honestly I wished I had more hours in a day. There's just so much that I want to do but I can't seem to find time for everything. I'm struggling to juggle between being a blogger, a full time student (my double degree is killing me) and having a decent social/healthy life. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there feeling this way so if any kind soul has any advice for me, I'd appreciate it!


Showing you guys my current favourite lip + nail polish combo. I can't seem to get enough of this!
 Also wearing my Triangl wear.
 Lippie in Revlon Color Burst Matte Balm shade 215 Shameless. I've gone ahead and bought four more shades since I first tried it a couple of months ago. It glides on so smoothly and stays on for hours. And it's also a little minty so it makes it feel like its a balm :)
Nail polish from 3 Concept Eyes in VL04. Two coats and it sparkles like mad! Oh and the bottle is oh-so-cute 


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Saturday, March 7


Hey guys, I'll be heading to Cheltenham Racecourse next week thanks to EtailPR! I mean, I've never attended any racing event so this would be my very first so I'm super excited. As it is also Ladies Day next Wednesday, I'm looking forward to seeing all the different outfits and enjoying the event when I'm there. Which reminds me that I am in desperate need of a hat(?).

I've kinda picked my outfit for the day but hey, a girl can always change her mind!
Bustier & skirt from NastyGal ♥
Have no idea what shoes or accessories to go with yet but as part of #ColourMeMarch.. I'll try my best to ditch the black and go with colours instead :D

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