Sunday, June 22

Struggles / Inspirations

Ever since I got back to HK, I've been stressed out over my weight and appearance. To be honest, the 4 lbs weight gain has really upset me.. but here's a thank you to all you lovelies for your kindest comments and a huge thank you to the boyf for constantly telling me that I'm beautiful. I (kinda) have come to a realization that being 4 lbs heavier isn't that big of a deal. As upset as I am, I'm telling myself that it's really not that big of a deal and I can slowly work it out to lose it. So today I went to the gym and pushed myself on the bike..
I'm so proud of myself for doing 25.99km in 45mins ♥! And you lovelies are right, diet pills are never good for anyone. Thank you for the supportive comments :)

Here's a little something for myself or anyone who's also struggling with their weight.
Tbh, I'm so insecure right now I'm tearing up over these two pictures above..

Friday, June 20

Giveaway winner update!

Congratulations to..

Cristi Andreea
Oxana Zolotuhina
Brittany Whitley
Brooke &
Jessica Whitfield

..for winning my Firmoo giveaway!

You will be contacted shortly :) Thank you for everyone who shared and participated ♥ I appreciate all the loves! I hope the winners will enjoy and spend their gift cards wisely (not!).

To everyone else who participated but didn't win, a huge thank you too! Keep an eye out for more giveaways in the future. Fingers crossed that there will be plenty more..

Please drop your email address below if you won and did not receive an email from me.

Till I write again x

Monday, June 16

The little things now

Me and the boyf went out to Liverpool for our 6th monthaversary before I left the UK. I'm currently back in Hong Kong and am missing the sillybum way too much. We had Mexican food at Bar Burrito and watched 22 Jump Street then. Oh and the boyf finally wore a proper shirt out heehee.
I've eaten good food since I've been back but stepping on the weighing scale made me come to terms with the fact that I've gained 5lbs since last summer (which is not fun). I know gaining 5lbs in a year isn't that much but I absolutely hate it. I've always been really body-conscious so.. I feel terrible. Two nights ago, I stayed up crying because of this and so the boyf stayed to talk/calm me down (thank you!)

Well.. I've been posting a picture a day on my Instagram so here it is. Or y'know, go follow me @ annicknickky to get instant updates :)
And since I've mentioned about my weight.. I went to the gym today and really pushed myself. Mm I also did other cardio and strength exercise. This goddamned 5lbs is really, really upsetting me :(
Content that I've biked 12.18km tho, I guess it's a good start? Tbh, I'm looking for diet pills to speed up the process. Do you lovelies have any recommendations for diet pills/tea/whatever? The weight that I've gained is seriously distressing me. I've become all moody and upset that I don't even want to go out :(

Well, till I write again..
(36 days till I see sillybum)

Thursday, June 5

$25 Firmoo Giveaway for five!

Remember my Firmoo Glasses? Aka my hipster glasses? ;)
Well, here's another giveaway now for you lovelies! Join below to win a Firmoo gift card that's worth $25. And guess whaaaaaaaaat.. five of you lucky people will be winning it this time! FIVE!

I mean, what's not to like about free shopping credits? Contest starts at midnight :D

Oh btw, here's a few selfie from today with my new hair that I haven't told you about! (I've had this hair for about 2 weeks now? Promise I'll write about the process soon. And no, I didn't go to the hairdresser's so I rock.)
Yeah, the boyf insisted on posting this picture. Okay fine, I made that up (duh!).. I wanted to post it cause I think it's a cute picture. Also, he called me ginger.. cause of my new hair. Not that I mind but it really is more blonde than red/orange! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK.
It's blonde, yeah?

Anyway, I was just lazing around today in my Firmoo glasses cause I felt like it! Also #nomakeup (yes I think you can tell I'm kinda bored).

Okay, okay back to the giveaway. Hurry up and join so you can laze around in yours too! Personally, I think messy hair + glasses are the perfect lazy combo. Oh and Firmoo glasses are super comfy for your eyes as well :)

The gift card can be used for their round-eyeglasses found in this page. Tell me which one is your fav pair!

Giveaway ends on the 20th so good luck to all you lovelies 

Better weather soon / 6 days

Am getting pretty excited to go back to Hong Kong now. Am already starting to miss sillybum but I just have to deal with it I suppose :/

Mommy told me that it's really hot over there so YAY me. Hello sun, shorts and crop tops, good bye annoying rain! Can't wait to wear my summer clothes again.. for now, I'll have to settle with compiling an inspiration board for new outfit ideas :)

All pictures from :)

Sunday, June 1


Apologies for not updating my blog once again but it's been getting a little emotional here saying good bye to some of my best friends here in uni. In case you're wondering, they're all in their third years.. meaning that they're graduates now. They're off to another phase of their life and I wish them well. I have to say, I was especially surprised at Max's sudden decision to leave the other day. Honestly, I miss him so much. He's one of the best people I've known this year and I love him to bits. And you guessed right, the boyf and I cried when he left. Max means so much to us both, he's almost like our second lover (haha).

For the first few days after Max left, the boyf and I forgot that it happened so we kept asking each other about Max's whereabouts on campus.. and it felt weird when we realized he's left.

Ugh, I hope I see him soon.
Pictured above; Max, me and Tom

Jorge and Tay left yesterday too. *sigh* Am actually gonna miss the Spaniard and his stupid puns. Here's to wishing both Jorge and Tay the best in future. And yes, they better be visiting/dropping by during fresher's week next term (glares at Tay)!
Pictured above; Jorge, Jon, Tay and Tom
Excuse the random person (ugh) photo bombing such a nice picture. All these pictures were from Gaz's last night out in Liverpool. He was the first to leave in their house and though I don't know him as well as I wished I did, I'm gonna miss him too. He's got a voice that seeps through the walls cause it's so low!
Pictured above; Tom, Max, Nick, Tay, Jorge, Gaz, Jon and me.

I've got 10 days left till I leave back to Hong Kong for the summer. I'm super excited to see the twins and eat good food but it also means that I've got 10 days left to be with the boyf until he gets his ass to Asia in late July. I'm gonna miss him. So much. I'm getting teary eyed writing this.

But I know he's gonna have fun going around Europe with Max. How I hate that they're attending Ultra Europe without me :(

*wipes the eyes* I'm off to do some light packing and find some food. Will write again x