Wednesday, April 30

OOTD/Pink palm trees

Crop top from H&M
Bodycon skirt from Bershka
Shoes from Dr.Martens

Picture taken by the boyf (he's my designated ootd photographer now)

Quick updates: Apple replaced my iPhone so I've got a new phone now! Yay! Boyf bought the most gorgeous tweed suit I've seen so far (he's actually hot.. okay fine, he's hot to me most of the time) and I've bought my accessories for my dress so we'd match. Tried everything on together and I love, love, love how we look together. Another yay! Will definitely be posting pictures for when the Summer Ball comes - that's on Sunday the 4th. Meanwhile, I'll be hiding away.. finishing off my assignments *cries*. Well.. catch me on Instagram for updates if you'd like :)

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Monday, April 28

Things and whatnot

So guess what kinda broke? My iPhone.. It's going insane right now but I'm hanging on to it for as long as I can. I've been so occupied with trying to fix it that I've done nothing else. Been to Bristol last Saturday with Max, Dan and the boyf though.. Why? UKF Bristol @ Motion! And I think I spotted Banksy?
Well I'm back in campus now.. aaaaand I'll be busy with the last 4 assignments till the 9th. Umm.. I kind of started today? Okay, I attempted to set up all the meetings for my interview. I'll be taking some time off tomorrow to get the camera off from the brother and I'm also having lunch with him. Then I'll be zooming off to the Apple store to get my goddamn phone fixed.

Also on the list (I'm excited for this).. I'll be shopping for a new suit for the boyf! Because Summer Ball is on the 4th.. and yes, I've got my dress sorted from NastyGal! Seriously, I love that store. I own 4 items from it and I just want moreeeee.

*yawn* bye guys.

Monday, April 21


(Currently writing this post on the bed with a blanket wrapped around me, listening to Afterglow)

Went into town earlier today with the boyf and his brothers.. needless to say, we had sushi! Honestly, I've been loving this Easter break so far. I love being in Reading so much that I do not want to leave to go back to my boring old campus urgh. Hmm I'm so content and happy right now I actually don't know what to write..

Oh I've fallen madly in love with my polaroid camera. All the pretty pictures it takes is just amazing.. I mean, look!
And I'm loving spring because I get to see daisies everywhere! I swear I would pretty much be in heaven if I could just lie in a bed of beautiful daisies but then again, I don't want to crush it.
And now for the hair.. the picture of my current hair I mean. Here you go.
Blunt hair. I love having blunt hair. And I really, really want blonde tips. I still have bits of my orange underneath, which is pretty cool, but I waaaaaaaant blonde ends.
Look! It's so darn pretty!
Well, back to my hair muse.. Kylie Jenner.
I'll admit, I really love Kylie.
I want that hair.
It's ridiculous how good it is.

On a sidenote, it's been raining since late afternoon. And I'll be going back to Warrington on Friday *cue cries*. Also will be attending a Drum&Bass rave in Bristol on Saturdayyyyyyyaaaayyyy. Bought a few new tops for spring too! Till next time x

Thursday, April 17

Picture post: London&Reading

Hey lovelies, Easter break has been so amazing so far! Am taking time off from blogging for a bit (for now) to thoroughly enjoy my holiday and then I'll be back with loads and loads of photos/updates/post/you name it :)

Visited London on Wednesday with Max and the boyf, and I've been in Reading since last Friday. Everything's been really, really lovely and I hope the rest of my Easter break continues to be this good but I know I'll have to start on my assignments sometime next week *sigh*..

Also, I've cut off so many inches of my hair but I'm absolutely loving it! The shorter do is definitely easier to manage and it feels so much lighter in comparison to my previously waist-length hair.. so the next thing on my to-do-list is to ombre it blonde :D

Will blog about my hair soon but for now.. here's Reading/London for ya!
Until next time :)

Tuesday, April 8

Spring's creepin'

Hey lovelies! I had such an amazing time at Aoki but I've been feeling under the weather since Monday.. on a brighter side though, I'll be leaving to Reading on Friday morning! Hello holidays ♥ can't wait to go have countless sushi dates, exploring London for the very first time and doing whatnot! Oh, my Fujifilm Instax 210 arrived yesterday :) I'm hoping to take pretty shots over this break and I'll definitely be posting some up over on my Instagram..

And here's a shot I took while at Aoki's @ The Victoria Warehouse Project in Manchester:
All of my shots are taken with my iPhone5 in case you're wondering. I'm really hoping I could be replacing it with the 5s or 5c because it's just lagging and freezing too much these days :( *sigh* anyone else with this problem? Mm but I guess for the meantime, I'd have to be stuck with this still..

Anyways, here's some inspirations/ideas for Spring outfits! I'm definitely getting some essentials over the break. Mine includes ripped boyfriend jeans, dresses/skirts and floral items because I've never actually gotten into neither trends haha :P

Also, just a little side note to myself.. I need to stop wearing dark colors.

Saturday, April 5

Polar opposites

It's almost Easter break now (in a week to be exact).. but before that, I'm happy I'll be seeing Steve Aoki tomorrow at Warehouse Project! YAY!

On a rather depressing side note, I feel like I've gained weight..

I will quit having late night snacks now, I promise myself :( *sigh* yeah, I've always had issues dealing with my weight because (to an extent) I'm just too insecure with myself. I just need to get back to the point where I feel better about myself again before I spiral into another relapse of those bad days..
So on top of being happy/excited about Aoki tomorrow, here I am currently feeling down and insecure about myself *sigh*
The above describes me perfectly, sadly..