Monday, December 29

Gifts, gifts

I got so excited when it snowed a few days ago when I was writing my previous post. It hasn't snowed since but hey, it all settled quite nicely on the ground. The temperature stayed at -2Âșc ever since and right now, I'm slightly feverish. Ugh.

But on the bright side.. I received so many lovely presents this year (both for my birthday and Christmas). I feel so blessed. Received this super beautiful Agnes B bag from my aunt in HK!
Above: The boyf got me the book I've been wanting to read (and cry over again) and Fristi got me this amazing colouring book! So excited to maybe paint it in larger scale on a canvas!
Below: Brother got me a street surfer (he's trying to get me killed/heavily bruised). I really want to learn to ride it but I know it's gonna involve a lot of me injuring myself.
Above: The boyf also got me Britney Spear's perfume cause I said I wanted one (it's the best-seller for the holidays ok).
Not pictured: A really flattering NastyGal dress and Birchbox subscription from the boyf!! Yes, yes I would totally do a monthly review on it :) Oh the brother also got me Pokemon  Omega Ruby on the DS buuuuuuuuut it's the European version and my DS is American so.. it's gonna be returned. Many thanks to the boyf's mommy for all the cute Christmas gifts that came in the parcel :)

Sad updates on the DIY silver hair: IT DIDN'T WORK because I didn't use proper bleach. So a trip to the salon it is. Hopefully soon *fingers crossed*

Delayed updates on this page of mine: I tried to sell off the items to people I know in RL but sadly, the sizes don't fit. So here I am.. finally updating the page. Please help these lovely clothing find a loving home! They're desperate to be worn. Go check it out here cause I'm selling off things at a cheap price.

Friday, December 26

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone's had a good Christmas yesterday! I've spent the holidays (so far) playing Sims and pretty much nothing else. It's so nice to not have to worry or think about any work :D I've received lots of lovely gifts and ate lots of food. Apologies for not posting much but I needed the time off of everything. My life hasn't been any more exciting these days. No day outs, no outfit posts, no nothing. It's all been very, very boring lately. As sad as I am about it, I'm also relieved?

But anyways, here's some Sims-talk: My fav bit of playing Sims is building, designing and decorating the house! A little part of me have always wanted to be an interior designer haha. I swear when I get my very own place in the future.. I'm gonna decorate the shit out of it. I think I'm getting old because I have been window shopping for home items instead of clothes! I mean, how weird is that?! I'm still in uni.. I'm just adoring rugs and decors and lots of other things :)

I put together an illustration of an Annick-approved living room consisting of pieces from Modani and NastyGal (duh).
The perfect white sofa is found in Modani's modern sofas collection. Oh, I'm pretty damn sure that my family homes has a few pieces from Modani because of its contemporary and sleek designs. I mean, the name just sticks out to me.. probably from the many trips to the furniture store that my family does (we move a lot).

But yeah..

Coffee table, mirror and coats hanger are also from Modani. Go check out their modern furniture if you enjoy window-shopping for a non-existent home yet haha.
Everything else from NastyGal.

Have a very merry holidays everyone! x

Wednesday, December 17

Stress Overkill

In the last 10 days, I have been out of the world busy. Honestly, I have been so stressed I want to just hurt myself. I need to get a good fix of positiveness. The exhaustion and frustration I feel is eating me away. Ugh, so far.. being 20 sucks due to the amount of work I've had. My birthday went okay I suppose. I had a buttload of fun for the night but tbh I never really got to do some of the things I actually wanted to. I mean, I can't remember the last time I've been on a nice day out anywhere. There's just so much frustration going on right now that I can't even smile.

I've still got some work to do that's due in on Friday *sigh* All I want to do is shut my eyes and shut down. Completely. I have nothing remotely interesting or happy to write about since my last post. All I want to do is vent and cry and sleep. I'm struggling to tell myself that everything is gonna be okay. I feel so frustrated. SO FUCKING FRUSTRATED I JUST WANT TO SCREAM IN EVERYONE'S FACE CAUSE NO ONE GETS ME.

I'll write again when I stop feeling like this. This weight at the back of my throat is driving me nuts!

Sunday, December 7

December is slipping past

Just 7 days to go till I turn 20 and I think, I'm excited. I guess normally, no one likes turning a year older but for me.. I like that. Cause I'm almost never taken seriously (especially at home) so I guess being 20 makes me feel like I have more authority? But then again, can anyone take a 20 year old who still shops in the children's section seriously? But anyways, in the past few days I've managed to finish off one of my essays aaaaaaaand fallen sick. I've caught a nasty cold!

On another note, it's me and the boyf's one year anniversary today ♥
And as usual, I'm gonna complain about how cold it's been getting. *sigh* I just want a mobile heater with me 24/7. Also, all I want to do these day is put on makeup just for the fun of it. I bought quite a few new Revlon Color Burst matte balms on Black Friday and I'm super happy about it.

Absolutely loving the new lippie colours I got! Oh and that's my hair now.. I haven't got the time to tone it yet so.. it's still just an ombre instead of silver. I think I'm actually getting really good at making ombre-colored hair now haha. Also, if the toning doesn't give me the colour I want, guess it's time for me to pay the salon a visit and get it professionally done.

Also, keep voting for me on Firmoo you guys! Click to vote here! Much love x

Friday, November 28


The last post was a bit depressing wasn't it? A huge thank you to you lovelies for the sweetest words ♥ And hey, Black Friday has cheered me up massively today (all the sales zomg!). Also cause.. y'know.. it's Friday and I get the boyf for the weekend. Well I'm also excited as hell to finally make some changes to my hair. Hopefully it'll turn out right cause this is gonna be a weekend-DIY-project. The next post will probably be all about turning my hair silver *fingers crossed for the colour to not go wrong*.

I finally stopped being lazy and did my nails a few days back, wearing 3 Concept Eye's VL04 nail polish. I love it almost as much as I love my OPIs and Essies.
Aaaaaand I also spontaneously went out to a drag night at the bar with the boyfriend on Wednesday. We had a pretty good time :)
Bustier from NastyGal
High waisted jeans from Wednesday (heh!)
Oh and I also wore my H&M coat out since it was freezing but it's not pictured..
Seriously, I am SO looking forward to having silver hair and spending some quality time with the boyfriend! Have a good weekend everyone 

Thursday, November 27

Diary entry: Loneliness

So I've written and deleted this entry for about 6 times now. To sum it up, I'm tearing up because I miss my friends. Add in a little homesickness and wanting someone other than a guy to listen to my rants. Honestly, it's one of those days where I'm just feeling really vulnerable and lonely. I wish my best friends were here right now. *sigh*

Sunday, November 23

Lazy days

I've basically spent my weekend lying in bed and feeling freaking cold. What is up with the British weather being insanely cold all of a sudden?! I swear when the sun goes down, everything just drops to below freezing point (okay, total exaggeration but it feels that cold to me). Also, why are my days passing by so much faster? I can't be the only one thinking that with each passing day, time seems to pass much faster :(

Well, me and the boyf went into town today. Saw a really cute decor so here it is. I'm contemplating stealing the jacket I bought for him and keeping it for myself cause it's so darn warm. I swear I'm better at shopping for others than for myself. Er at least from the uh.. 'staying warm' department. Anyway, here's the cute reindeer decor I saw in town..
It's so freaking pretty isn't it? It's one of the many reasons I like the festive season. Sparkly lights are so magical 

Also, here's a big thank you to all my giveaway participants. Congratulations to Yasmine for winning it! There will be more giveaways to come in the future (hopefully I can figure the postage fees out ASAP so I can give away some of my cute stuff. Oh and finally getting around to updating/pricing the things I want to sell.. Sorry guys!)

If you haven't followed me on Instagram yet, let me show you just how cute my boyf is.
I mean.. he got me food after work ♥ I love you sillybum.

Friday, November 21

5:2 Juice diet?

And the weekend has arrived.. days are passing by so fast it's actually crazy. Well, I'm happily snuggled up in bed since 11am doing absolutely nothing. Okay, fine. Not nothing. I was window shopping online. Not for clothes this time, but for cold pressed juices. I had my very first bottle of cold pressed juice in HK and honestly, I loved it. It filled me up nicely but it just felt so healthy. The only downside of it, is that it's insanely expensive.

I have read articles after articles on the 5:2 juice diet and it seems like the easier diet ever. Celebrities swear by it so.. well, what other reason do we need to convince us that it's good eh? Here's an article/experience post about the 5:2 juice diet journey but in summary, you basically live on a juice fast for two days (it seriously doesn't seem that bad! Plus if you read the article, she lost 4lbs in 2 days! WTF). Anyway, so I did some research online, hoping to get myself a subscription or a starter pack of juices and honestly, I am so taken back by the price. Not so much that it puts me off indefinitely but enough to make me go 'let me rethink that'.

*pictures are taken from tumblr and compiled on photoshop

Has any one of you ever tried or are on the juice diet? I would to hear about your experience/where you got the juice from if you have!

I might just get a juicer myself so I can get a daily dose of whatever juice I like. I'm being serious. Oh and also, one day left to my giveaway! Join here. Thanks for being the best readers you guys x

Wednesday, November 19

Put together / Wants

You know what, I think I'm slowly beginning to be 'okay' with this cold weather. I'm learning to incorporate my fave summery-type clothing items into my current wardrobe. So that means I'm still obsessed with ripped jeans, yes. Cause I think it's the perfect way to me to show some skin and still be warm (in my standards). I've found a few pair that I'm head over heels for!

From left to right:
Slashed boyfriend denim from Liquor n Poker (found here) - £40 / Ripped skinny jeans from Nastygal (found here) - £75.31 / Black slashed skinnies from Liquor n Poker (found here) - £40

They're a little bit more pricey than usual (specially the middle pair) but my mom always used to tell me that when it comes to denim, it's better to splurge on it. A good pair can last you a long time. Head on over to check out more of Liquor n Poker's cute items btw.

Oh and with the colder days, I've also been wearing beanies and caps. I've always loved a good snapback and since I'm a tiny bit bored being at home by myself right now.. I thought I'd put together a new outfit centred around a snapback I picked from the MLB hats section on (they sell all sorts of sports apparel!). I picked a NY Yankees cap cause I've always wanted one of these :)

Top from the Alexander Wang x H&M line - £29.99 
Draped skirt - £7.99
Tailored jacket - £17 
Metal clutch bag - 14.99
Heels - £34.99 all from H&M
New Era NY Yankees cap - USD$34.95 from

I know I've never really like gold coloured items cause I used to think its tacky but.. I think I'm developing feelings for it haha. What would you guys have paired a snapback with? The usual t-shirt and jeans combo or something else? Also I still can not stress how obsessed I am with ripped jeans!! Anyways, let me know in the comments!

Saturday, November 15

Nov Give

Yay to me finishing my first assignment of the year in three days! But gah, it's been getting so cold. Is anyone else excited about Christmas (like me) already?! What that really means is.. are you excited about Christmas shopping?! I swear there's so much stuff I want it's ridiculous (but isn't that just like everyone else?). But sadly, I've got four assignments due on my birthday month which is gonna stress me out immensely.

Oh and did you guys know that my fav NastyGal is going to open up their first physical store (?!?!?!?!) at Melrose Ave on November 21 (?!?!?!?!). *crosses my finger that they open up a store in Manchester* I mean, a girl can dream..

Hmm talking bout shopping, how about a nice new pair of Firmoo glasses for one of you lovely followers for the festive season? Join in on the giveaway below!
*Winner can choose a new pair from this page only.

I will be hopeful about NastyGal opening a store in the UK.. I will be. Laters x

Monday, November 10

Living in the now

So my one week holiday is over. And no, I didn't get to catch up on sleep. No, I didn't have time to blog either. Why? Because I had the best week partying. Max was here the whole week and it's been so good. I feel bad for being unproductive and all.. but I got some much needed fun time because from now on, it's probably gonna be all work/no play. The amount of assignments and things I have to do are ridiculous :(

We went to Chester on Tuesday night, bar on Wednesday, Garlands on Thursday and bar again on Friday. Saturday was spent celebrating (our 11 months) with the boyf in Manchester. So yeah, it's just been so good.
 I've been wearing loads of things I've bought from NastyGal the entire week but I haven't taken a picture of each outfit. Anyway, here's what I wore on Tuesday night:
Dress from NastyGal

And apologies for not being able to update the blog but I'll try my best soon. I have missed writing/summarising about my day on a daily basis but learning to live in the moment has made me feel a lot better about myself. Well, that's it for now cause its Monday noon and I'm not quite functioning at all.

Monday, November 3


So in the end, I went as Princess Peach for Halloween! I managed to find all my items at the very last minute (I walked for 5 hours to & in town) but the Halloween party at the bar was so worth it. I had so much fun :) And right now, it's development week aka sleeping week. I swear I've been going to bed so early these past few days I feel old. Is this the first few signs of me turning 20 soon? Tiredness? Oh, I still fill in my age as 18 all the time without realising that I'm actually 19.. shit.

But anyways, here are the pictures!
Everything except the top was from the children's department! The gloves are actually from the baby's department.. yes I have tiny hands.
I made the boyf's Toad head cause he was still at work and he would've done a shit job at it :P everyone loved my masterpiece haha. The base of the toad head was made with one party hat, one box (cut into a circle), papers and plastic bags as fillers to make it pop. And yeah, the wig came off at the end of the night cause it was itching my scalp so much.

This was my hair after I slept in tight braids.
I'm considering cutting my hair shoulder length again. Long hair is just a little too hard to manage for an OCD freak like me. It takes forever to dry (especially during the winter months) and I just have to wash it on a daily basis. So next things on my to-do list is to get a haircut & silver ends 

Also, since it's development sleeping week. I'll be updating my new tab - Closet soon! x

Tuesday, October 28

Had the Monday blues

Hey lovelies, I've been so tired since Monday. Don't really know why but hey, it's mid-week now (sorta) and development week/holiday is coming up. That reminds me.. Halloween is in a couple of days and I still don't have my costume. Ugh. Why can't someone sell things in my size?! I was gonna go as a zombie version of Princess Peach cause my friends and I were gonna go as a group of Mario Kart. Guess I might have to be something else :( What are you lovelies going as? Let me know in the comments!

My backup costume idea is going as a deer.. don't ask me why.

Sunday, October 26

Weekend things

Hey lovelies! I'm back with yet another post :) So the boyf took me out to Liverpool yesterday for Malaysian/Thai food and I had the best time with him. He recently just got a job and will be starting tomorrow so yay (Yay for me being spoilt soon haha).

We went to a place called Chilli Pot.
I also bought a new coat from H&M cause it was on sale/in my size. Double yay for the day. Well it's Sunday right now, meaning the clocks go back an hour. Getting 25 hours (technically?) today then..

Alright, I'm gonna go indulge myself on a new game of Harvest Moon on the DS now.

Oh, don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@annicknickky)! I'll follow back if you drop me a comment in any of my pictures :) Much love x

Friday, October 24


Don't ask me why I'm blogging so much these few days but yeah.. I have found my lost-love for penning down daily  thoughts. Okay, maybe I'm just really, really bored.

I'm in desperate need of some city-time and a load of retail therapy. I'm sick of being in this small place. I miss all the bright lights and cityscapes. I just miss seeing beautiful structures that a city has to offer I suppose.

But anyway, here's some autumn/winter/colder days' inspiration for everyone. All images taken from