Friday, October 25


So Aaron visited me from Nottingham last weekend :) it was hell and it was fun (he's also terribly sweet for dropping by). Hell because he got lost and his phone was dead.. I was about to call the cops! But everything went well as we headed to Manchester. Picture below (l-r) Aaron, me and Jorge.
And then most of the time.. I'm glued in front of my Mac, doing research. Well either that or I'm attending classes, being sick or playing board games with the guys. I swear Risk is so addictive.. and frustrating. Very, very frustrating. And yea, I have way more male friends than female.. oh well. *sigh* The thought of it makes me miss some of my best friends who's basically everywhere but here :( States, Australia, Malaysia.. dang it.
Oh picture above is taken before we went to Beans in Chester. I'm telling you, I should/want/need to be in Chester campus :( cause it's just a proper place to be.. it's so beautiful too! And way more alive. Haha some of us actually are thinking of ways to transfer to the other campus just because in comparison, it's just heaps better.

It's finally Friday *breathes*
Loving my Yes/No suede flats! There's more items from the box though.. so stay on the lookout for more pictures from me.

Tuesday, October 15


Apologies for not updating any sooner but I've been having classes everyday. My assignments are already starting to pile up but hey, it's all good for now. One thing though, in between trying to finish off everything, attending lectures, doing laundry and whatnot, I barely have time to rest.. never mind blogging! So apologies again.. I promise I'll try to blog as much as I used to. I mean I do miss scribbling down my thoughts and posting random things :(

So I went to the gym here on campus yesterday with Igor and Jorge, I was on the bike on level 3 for about 40 mins? I swear I noticed the huge difference from when I used to frequent the gym and now.. I would've been able to do almost twice as much last year on a higher level! But that's that.. I want to try to get back to what I used to be able to do.
Total to date - 274.20km
Click on the link to see my collected distance history :)
Pictures from my Instagram :)

I bought candles for my room and I think the lavender scent has been making me sleep so much better. Also, it's making me sleepy most of the time now whenever I'm in my room (which is not exactly the best thing when I'm trying to write a paper) but my room smells lovely! Cheers for that!

So right now it's 10 past 9pm and I am already falling asleep. Hmm, I might go make myself some hot choc, watch the very few episodes I have left on Gossip Girl and then maybe go to bed. Or I would nerd it out and make some notes for classes I don't even have yet (yes, I'm weird like that). Argh, why can't we have more hours in a day? Anyways, I promise I'll try to update more often! Adore everyone of you who still visit my blog and leaving me lovely comments :) thank you for the support! x

Monday, October 7

Nothing really matters

Today is one of those various little days where what people say affects my mood. I'm not upset, just not pleased and extremely annoyed with how nosy everyone is. Well.. I suppose there will always be that certain bunch that just wants to make life hell for you. And then if you're lucky enough, you'll make that one new friend that stands by you almost immediately. Everyone, meet Elisa..
Check out her amazing artistic/photography skills at and Here's some of my favs of her work;
Till I update again! x