Friday, May 31

DJ Green Lantern @ PLAY

Had so much fun last night  

For those of you who don't know.. brief summary;
He was signed by Eminem and was associated with other big stars in the hip hop industry. Also came to prominence with his 'Invasion' mix tape series.


Monday, May 27

The gap

I envy people who gets to sleep for long hours after a night out. I need that. Terribly. It seems silly to be saying this but it's impossible for me. Apparently one is judged by the amount of time you spend sleeping *epic face palm to anyone else reading this, I know* it's confusing but bear with me.

Truth is I've never truly believed in gaps but apparently, it does exist. And it's rather upsetting above anything else. I understand why some people do the things they do now. It's all because you can't go round pleasing people all the time. It's not living if you live by the rules all your life. Again, I envy them. There's so much things I want to say here but people forget to respect the fact that this is my online journal. The fact that I can and I will write anything is apparently beyond their understanding. I hate, hate, hate this :/

Going to rant on twitter..

Friday, May 24

(8) This is what it feels like

It has been many night outs..
And on most nights, I have the same thoughts.
And Tinaaaaaaa is leaving on Monday morning :( so little time to catch up.

Tuesday, May 21

By request: How I lost weight

Okay guys, you asked for it. My choices/routines might be somewhat ridiculous or too much but it works for me and I hope it does for you too. Also, my eating habits may or may not be especially healthy. So go with what you're comfortable with :)

Food first.

I don't have much of an appetite for breakfast so for the most part, I skip it. But if I absolutely have to eat, it would be a cup of mocha and a piece of toast with a little butter or cereal with hot chocolate. And for the most part, my lunch is probably my heaviest meal but I did make some changes. I eat half the portion of meal, especially the portion of rice, that I used to. I would resist second helpings by eating slowly or eating whatever vege that's served so I trick my mind into wanting to stop eating (not a huge fan of greens). No snacking in between, chew minty gums if you really have the urge to snack. And I love my tea time in the evenings. A cup of coffee makes me feel better. But yes, cut back on the creamer/milk and sugar. Have some cookies but no more than the size of your palm. For dinner, make it simple and minimal. And for me, I will never eat anything after 9:30PM. Late night snacks are just bad cause they make you gain so much weight super quick. Plus you'll feel extra bloated in the morning!
Okay, now the things I avoid eating; Anything that's fried. Opt for grilled meals if you really are craving for something with a heavier taste. Choose steamed or boiled dishes if you can. Cut off fast food and frozen food for as long as possible. There are just so much hidden calories in those. Remember that fries are calorie sticks no matter how delicious they are (but I still occasionally have them, I just exercise afterwards to make up for it). Try to drink as much water as you can everyday. Water do wonders in weight loss. No soda or canned drinks at all, I haven't had soda in so long lol. Maybe a sip or two, but never more. When you want something sweet, go for fruit juices. So much yum and healthier. Also, when you're having your salad, put as little dressing as possible. Dressings completely destroy the point of eating salad. Not saying you shouldn't have any, cause then it's just icky to eat, but as little as possible. As for pizzas and pastas, you can still have them, but only once a week or so. Reward yourself with occasional dessert :) as long as you make up for it with some form of exercise!
 Oh yeah, fruits.. yum.

Onto exercising routines.

I bike. A LOT. Whether it's in the gym or in the outdoors, I just like biking. Push yourself, try different routes or increase your levels. If you're not a fan of bikes, then jog but include regular intervals of sprinting in it. The burst of speed burns more calories. Remember, you truly start burning your fat after 30minutes of workout. So say you ran for 40minutes.. you've really just been burning fat for 10. Be consistent and persistent when exercising. You will not see a difference after one session of workout. Switch things up once in awhile, don't keep repeating your routines. It will be less effective because your body is used to it. And some of my fav moves :)
These are compiled from a year and a half issues' worth of Seventeen magazines. I've tried most of the workouts in the magazines alongside YouTube tutorial vids. These work for me and don't require any help from anyone! These moves mainly target the abs.


Create a playlist especially for working out, dance or EDM are great. Have your phone background set to a picture of the perfect body that you want. When you feel bored or wanting to quit, look at that picture. You can have that body, but only if you keep pushing yourself harder every time. Remember that.
Buy some clothes that are a little too tight for you. Tell yourself that you will and you shall fit perfectly into it. But be realistic okay? Don't go trying to fit into an XS top immediately. Start slow. One size at a time. Stop wearing baggy clothing, you will subconsciously think that you're doing fine because it's so loose. Get yourself one or two sets of real sports attire for working out. Wearing random house shorts and t-shirts won't motivate you to exercise as much as sports attire do. Wear your sports bra from the morning of your working out day to remind and motivate yourself to exercise. This has work wonders for me.
I did :)

Monday, May 20

Last Friday night

Went to Otto Lounge for the after party in conjunction with a schoolmate's birthday. It was too crowded for a place with that size. But I guess it was still fun. Some things never change and it's a good thing it doesn't. Didn't take much pictures because I was everywhere with everyone. Mainly stuck with people my grade and Fristi during the night.
 Bustier from Bershka
Tribal bodycon skirt from Pull and Bear
And this was taken at 11am when I got back home :)

Friday, May 17

A whole lot of nailart

So I got really bored and I did some nail art :/
..aaaaand don't mind my hair lol
Then I switched my nails to these late night just because I thought the red was too much.
Used OPI's Don't Touch My Tutu, Big Apple Red and Over the Taupe
Happy Friday everyone :)

Tuesday, May 14

Hi summer!

So I just realized that in 3 days.. (2 days since it's already past midnight) it's Friday. Which means, prom  day for my juniors! I couldn't believe that it's so soon. Wasn't it just a day or two ago that I'd counted that it's 10 days away? Oh well.. I guess all those moody days, hours of tv series and doing absolutely nothing makes time pass rather quickly. For the record, I am not attending prom even though I sort of did wanted to have another prom given that mine was mildly horrible. I kept changing my mind and in the end, no. But I am joining everyone else for after prom party. It'd better be as epic as last year's (note; I had a bad prom evening but great after prom party).

Aaaaaand my weight fluctuated to like +500g/1lbs and it makes me feel really fat. I don't know why but lately I just know when I gain back a pound. It's rather annoying really, and depressing. So I will make myself run tomorrow. Or I'll just lay off the food for the next three days. *yawn*

Also, summer is really here :)
So here you go, summer inspiration!

Tuesday, May 7

Want to stand out?

I've recently developed this slight obsession over red hair and bustiers. I think they're feminine, edgy and different. Also, I'm trying to stop myself from purchasing anything in black! My closet has one too many black clothing items. Why? Because it's just so much easier to pair any colors with black. Be it neon or well, black itself. It works. Same goes with white but it's sort of annoying how you have to wear another slip underneath when it's white clothing so your undergarments don't show.. so therefore, black wins.
Question, do you guys think red hair will be fine on me?
Understand my current level of obsession yet? The hair craze hasn't been carried out but the bustier on the other hand..

Monday, May 6

The rubber duck project + inflatable sculpture

Inflatable Sculpture by Paul McCarthy and international artist from UK, Korea, Argentina, China, Hong Kong and US.
Located in the West Kowloon Cultural District park. The display will be available until June 9 and is the second of Mobile M+'s "Nomadic" series.

The Rubber Duck Project By Florentijn Hofman
"The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers, it doesn't discriminate people and doesn't have a political connotation. The friendly floating Rubber Duck has healing properties; it can relieve mondial tensions as well as define them. The Rubber Ruck is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages!"
Can be found floating in Victoria Harbor.

The amount of people in TST because of this is insane.