Sunday, December 30

(8) Cosmic love

Right now it's about 8 degrees Celsius and I'm freezing. Got out today intending to buy a thing or two for my mom but I ended up spending on stuff I've been wanting to buy! It's bad but hey, I was happy about it. The last time I spent was with Astha before I left back to Malaysia..that's been a month! I sorta caught the last minute year end sale :D Okay, so here's what I got today;

- a satin clutch from Accesorize (it was 70% off!!)
- leopard earrings from Accesorize (50% off!)
- a pink plaid top from Stardivarius (50% off!)
- 3 headbands from Stardivarius (30% off!)
- Neutrogena grapefruit facial wash ($20 off)
- pure mineral blush from Maybelline number 03 Rose
- mini Blah Blah bed head ($20 off)
- 2 x 6 spongy curlers
- Miracle Skin Perfector by Garnier (fragrance free all in one moisturizer with bb finish + spf 25 protection) (this was expensive for such a small bottle but my skin is sensitive so there!)
- and a few more stuff I'd like to not mention because I might have male readers! (you get what I mean)

Oh god my toes are like ice :/ I can't feel em! Go away cold, please? Hm it's new years eve tomorrow! I'm torn between feeling excited and meh because.. it doesn't really feel like there's much to look forward to. It's hard to describe. It isn't as if I'm forced about tomorrow's plans or whatever, but..

For the record, I slept for 13 hours last night! Just casually doing some catching up from the 3 nights in LKF. I think the sleep got to me cause I kept thinking that it's the 29th the whole day when it was the 30th. And when I think about my 29th.. I feel like I lost a whole day without knowing what I did! It's like I have no memory of it :/ too much sleep perhaps?

P/S: I'm getting hooked on listening to Florence + the Machines

Friday, December 28

Night one and two of three

This is what I wore on the night of 26th! Me and Tina accidentally ended up wearing matchy matchy outfits.
Peplum crop top from H&M
Peplum skirt from a boutique in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Wore this on the night of 27th (yes, recycling outfits cause I couldn't think). As for tonight, I haven't figure it out. It's a lot cooler today..

Tuesday, December 25

(8) Merry, merry christmas. Lonely, lonely christmas.

Need ideas for an outfit for boxing day!
Theme: A Christmas present
Comment below for tips/ideas?

Monday, December 24

An hour left

Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers!

I'm spending this Christmas back in Malaysia this year and yes, it is extremely different than if I were in Hong Kong. Well I've been spending every Christmas there since 8 or 9 and to be honest, it feels more festive there. I haven't heard one Christmas song in any of the malls in KL! It's weird and it definitely does not feel like today's the 24th! Hm as of right now, just less than an hour to go. Oh I've been out most of the day today. Went to 2 banks to settle things and I got my Manchester United debit card! Cause I'm finally 18, duh! Well it was either that or cherries. Like hello, cherries, really?! GGMU over cherries, thank you :)

Wasted so much time today just waiting in the bank. Me and my mom spent like what, 3 hours in total just for the wait? I swear they just work too slow and jam things up. Ugh. Anyways, I shall be back in the +852 in one and a half days to be exact.

Oh I have been craving for ice cream the entire day! So I am spamming this post with pictures of lovely, delicious, sweet ice cream! I really would love a big, big pint of ice cream now :(
Aww my third aunt agreed to drive me out now and get some ice cream! YAY! BYE GUYS :D I'M OFF TO GET SOME ICE CREAM :D

Sunday, December 23

Someday, maybe

How else to write it besides penning down exactly what I'm feeling? Hm.. I want to be able to put a smile on your face every day. But I want to do it without hurting myself. I wish you all the best regardless of what has/will happen between us. I love you, and I need you to believe that. I hate it when you doubt me, y'know. And thank you, I know that you love me.
I'll never love someone like I loved you. And I guess, I'll never feel as loved as I do with you. And I'll never ever be hurt this much. Ever. Because to hurt, is to love. And I've given you all my love.

Saturday, December 22

Fold and unfold me

It got bored when the world didn't end and I got really frustrated about some issues. So I was digging through stuffs at home yesterday and I came across an origami book. How lovely. I even found some origami papers! So what did I do immediately? I flipped it over to the paper cranes section! I got confused during my first trial but I've memorized the foldings now :) I'm planning to start on folding a 1000 paper cranes as said in this previous post. I explained briefly on the Japanese legend and it's magic :) here are my trial paper cranes;
And I totally just realized I haven't been Instagramming for the past 6 days! Maybe it's because mine kept jumping out every time I try to upload a picture? I sorta gave up then but apparently it works fine again :) so finally a new picture after MIA-ing for 6 days.

And heck, I'm getting super sleepy right now but I still feel like blogging. It's turning into an addiction for me! Oh well, since I'm at it.. I would like to talk about how much I want an iPhone. Okay okay, I love my blackberry but honestly, it has been lagging and freezing the crap out of itself. Ugh. And I want the iPhone because of the camera (female vanity in check) :/ plus my iPod has been doing the same thing to me almost the same time my bb started lagging. Oh, technologies are bad in my hands. It gets ruined so fast no matter how hard I try to take care of them :(