Tuesday, December 6

Wish it was turnt up Tuesdays

Hey guys, I've just returned from a long day of classes. Ugh, I'm so tired and hungry but here I am sat in front of my mac... stressed out about work. Over the last few months, I have had the 'why did I decide to take on a master's degree' train of thought but (obvs) I always manage to clear my head. Honestly, I suck at dealing with stress and my shitty anxiety issues don't help. OH! And my three-year anniversary with the boyfriend is tomorrow! I should really be chilled out and look forward to having a nice day tomorrow but no, my stupid ass has (have? what? I don't know how to English anymore) to stress about work now *rolls eyes*. I'm trying to stay on top of the workload but ugh, I'm just over-thinking everything.

Well anyways... I recently wrote an article for Zalora and I would love for you guys to give it a visit and if you have the time - tell me what you think. It's nice having a break away from focusing on my master's work and the blog so I think I'm gonna try to keep contributing to their site. Fingers crossed! Oh did I mention that I have a non-existing social life? To think that I'm about to turn 22 in a week...

And because it's my birthday soon, my mom has been super nice/gracious and said that I could pick out 22 gifts for my birthday. I repeat, TWENTY-TWO gifts. She's the best ! But I have no idea what I want to get for myself so... Isn't it funny that when you're given the capacity to buy anything you want you suddenly run out of ideas? Hmm, I just really want a good night's sleep and maybe some great seafood. God I sound old.

*breathes* That's it for today guys, I need to go cook myself some food. Trying to decide between spaghetti bolognese or foo young eggs with rice... decisions, decisions. Thanks for reading!